Equipotential field

The metallic masses

The bonding of every metallic masses, and its linking to earth, contributes to the efficiency of a Lightning Protection System.

This condition is particularly important as much as the proximity of the electronic or susceptible equipment, around which, the reduction of the impedance in the earth netting is assured, seeking the improvement of the connections.

This way every structure is assured, as they are connected to a same single earth.

The earthing

For a proper protection against lightning this single condition should be verified, and disallow the earth net of a zone.

The presence of more than one independent or close net generates the rise of difference of voltage, or parasite interference; In any case, it is very important for the safety of people and goods.

We must not take risks thinking that the going by of a high current will not rise dangerous transitory potentials.

It should be rebuilt by excavations and with specific buried joins, interconnecting the different earth nets, to achieve a guaranty in the equipotential field of the zone or building.