Complementary activities

Detection of risk against lightning.

The detection equipment of storm risks, permits to anticipate its proximity, by means of local detectors that measure the electrical atmospheric field.

This anticipation permit to activate different warnings, depending on the detectors, so that the estimated preventive measures should be adopted, mainly, acoustic and luminous signals, deactivation and activation of equipment, connection to autonomous equipment, disconnection of nets, etc.

Aerial beacon

The proximity of great heights to airport zones, oblige to conform the air navigation standards.

A group of one or two beacons of low intensity, with continuity in service and of long life are necessary in the referred installations.

These beacons must be located in the upper part, 1.5 m to 2 m below the capture device of the lightning protection system to conform the standards.

The most recommended air beacon is OBSTA.

Vertical works

Our specialised technical staff gathers a huge experience, guarantee, and many advantages over other means and systems.

This technique is used in masonry works, specialistís reports, waterproofing, location of crossings and weather vanes, restoration, etc.